Projects, articles, notes and other technical musings from a DevOps focused developer


Thor K. Høgås is a software engineer at Oda, and has a Master’s degree from the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. He hails from the far north of Norway, but now resides in, what his family refers to as, “the south”.

When he’s not describing himself in the third person, Thor is paid to develop and improve systems and services. His work particularly focuses on continuous integration, infrastructure and cloud platforms, and enables developers to work both smarter and faster. Usually.

If he’s not pushing buttons for a living, Thor can be found hanging out on Libera, fiddling with various projects, improving his Korean, Lindy-hopping his way around Oslo, being endlessly fascinated by OpenStreetMap, and trying to remember to push to origin.

He has also dabbled in different volunteer organisations, holding positions such as Consultant, Treasurer and Chairman.

You can read Thor’s occasional notes and articles.

Original photo by Jorge Franganillo, with alterations.