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Various notes and journaling

  1. Partial Under-the-Hood Migration With Netlify

    For a while I have been the “proud” owner of the domain As with many other of my domain ventures, this has thus far been yet another fruitless one. That has just, ever so slightly, imperceptibly changed. Read more about Partial Under-the-Hood Migration With Netlify

  2. Jenkins Checking Credentials

    In dealing with complex pipelines in Jenkins you may have come across how to deal with credentials. We’re using Jenkins to automatically build virtual machine templates, and eventually technical debt in the form of a credentials constraint caught up with us. We needed different credentials for different artifacts or build targets, and because we suddenly needed so many, we needed a sensible default or fallback. Read more about Jenkins Checking Credentials

  3. Installing Arch

    This is a personal note and any attempts at following the steps herein should be pre-empted with a larger pinch of salt. Anyone installing Arch should follow the community installation guide. Over the years, I’ve installed Arch Linux on a multitude of different devices. These are some of the notes I’ve taken, with references to the community-based Arch Linux wiki, which will forever be a better detail-oriented reference than I could aspire to creating on my own. Read more about Installing Arch

  4. Working Around Recursive until Loops in Ansible

    A way to accomplish the use of until with blocks of code. Hard to accomplish normally, as there is no support for loop on blocks, nor support for until. However, you can work around this by recursively including the same task file as part of the rescue block. Read more about Working Around Recursive until Loops in Ansible

  5. Resolving issues with .local networks on CentOS 7 (or any system with Avahi)

    Local networks, be it private or small business networks, have for a long time adored the .local suffix. Partially, thanks to Microsoft and their former of this sort of usage. Usually, this isn’t something that causes much issues, but besides being a bad idea in the first place, you might be so lucky as to incur issues if you mix and match this with most Linux distributions including Avahi. Read more about Resolving issues with .local networks on CentOS 7 (or any system with Avahi)