Socially Related Projects

I'm active in some unions, societes and groups in and around Oslo. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile to read more about my roles in various other organizations.

Translation Projects

Open Source


As a member of the Ubuntu Norway translation team, I contributed to downstream GNU packages, Canonical packages and other open source applications on Launchpad.

It was a worthwhile experience giving valueable insight into both technological challenges surrounding translations, but also a perspective on how to solve consistency issues where translations span several different levels of ownership.


The most enjoyable way to procrastinate nowadays, by both consuming and contributing with content to various categories and communities within the site itself. Post a link or some text, and you’ve got yourself a community entirely based around up- and downvotes.

While the translation project was kept at Transifex, I helped out as both a translator and reviewer - making sure to avoid reviewing anything of my own production.

Nowadays the project is kept at Crowdin, and so I try to help out by translating, reviewing and voting accordingly. With vote-based translations the need for core reviewers decrease steadily, and as such I’m not as active anymore.


Messenger Plus!

The addon to enhance your experience of what was Windows Messenger, and became Windows Live Messenger in the end, was–without the least bit of doubt–Messenger Plus!.

I updated and maintained both the client application and the website that was available at the time. This also included updating the application as it was sold to Yuna Software.

Nowadays the application is pretty much dead: Windows Live Messenger is no more, and the Skype Desktop API has been discontinued. You can still take a look at Messenger Plus’ website, but it is nothing but a shell of its former self. The same can be said for the Norwegian version of the site, as it hasn’t been updated since Messenger Plus! was still alive.


A very powerful app for keeping track of your own financial standing, with vast support for different financial workflows, including budgeting, transfers, custom reports and more.

I am the solely responsible translator for the Norwegian translations of the app as it is today.